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Our UNS-Enterprise Storage Controller integrates a highly reliable hardware architecture and our powerful software to ultimately provide a rock-solid surveillance and storage platform for IP based installations.  The NVR Systems are capable of recording up to 128 IP cameras at 30fps per channel, and preview each individual channel independently.


Professional or Enterprise NVR Server software and the full-featured NVR Client software included the following features:

  • Custom developed Windows platform is specifically engineered for surveillance system functions

  • Dual NIC configuration provides one private NIC for the IP video device network and one public NIC for Client/CMS connectivity

  • Open platform allows integration of third-party cameras such as Axis, ONVIF, Stardot, Vivotek, etc.

  • Independent camera licensing ensures that one device does not affect another device

  • Supporting dual-streams the Streaming Proxy will control the flow of data through the network

  • RAID 1 for maximum OS redundancy and RAID 5 for maximum video storage capacity protects against data loss

  • Multiple overlapping scheduling provides the most robust recording schemes in the industry

  • Recorded files are tagged with trigger types to allow filtering on Playback to quickly find incidents no matter when they happen

  • Audio is compressed and embedded into the video file

  • Multi-storage support includes local drives, NAS, SAN and cloud storage systems 

  • Supports both serial control of IP PTZ cameras and IP based control for maximum compatibility 

  • All features are integrated including Live Preview, Playback and Backup - without the need for a local Client 

  • Receives the main-stream, sub-stream or both to provide optimum control of recording and client streaming 

  • Allows you to connect to multiple third-party IP devices simultaneously for both live view and playback 

  • Integrated alarm I/O can receive the alerts triggered by the IP video device 

  • Multi-layered interactive e-map instills a sense of locational awareness to assist the operators 

  • Local user accounts provide the most security for edge devices




  • Built-in GPU, reducing resource used to switch data on BUS, improved decoding capacity to exceed video card, and CPU performance improved by 50%. 

  • Embedded memory technology provides high speed with reduced poor contact by device vibration. 

  • The latest HDD port technology eliminates storage limit, largely improves storage performance. 

  • 64 bit can enhance calculated performance and be compatible with 32 bit.

  • Dual power design, never crash. 

  • Dual HDMI, 4K HD with every detail in display

  • 16 HDD ports and 1 SAS port for mass storage. 

  • Dual fiber ports and 4 network ports, either bind or isolate network. 

  • Surveillance operation all in one integrating RS232, RS485, I/O port.



  • Low power-consumption, unique cooling design, maintains long-time stable life span. 

  • Unique environment dynamic sensor and controlling technology can adjust fan speed according to environment changes and co-operate with an advanced cooling system to achieve the best working environment.

  • By supporting up to 2 Unisight 24bay extension cabinets"ESS3124S-J", UNS-PNS-4208-3U can expand to the total storage capacity of 288TB.

  • UNS-PNS-4028-3U and extension cabinet provide flexible capacity and balanced performance to meet the needs of varying applications and processes.

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